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In 2014 Forsyth County Community Connection (FCCC) made foster children  a priority, specifically finding more foster homes.  Since then, in our county, we have grown from 7 foster homes to 49.  Unfortunately that's not enough.  60% of our children, when placed into care, have to be placed outside our county.  FCCC has put up billboards and worked closely with DFCS to create awareness in our community.  It is only with your continued support that we will be able to find new homes.

FCCC recognizes that we not only need find new healthy homes for foster children, but we need to support the loving homes we do have. 

In 2017 FCCC was able to support current Foster families by collaborating with community partners to provide a much needed training day.  Foster parents were able to get up to 7 CECs in one day with FREE child care.   With your support we can continue to offer these trainings and make it easier for foster homes to stay open. 

Did you know by their 18th Birthday, 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused.  That is not a statistic that sits well with us.   FCCC has partnered with the District Attorneys Office and started a Community Coalition to prevent child abuse.  With support from community members like you we can spread awareness and make our community safer for children.

New for 2023, with the Homeless Youth Council, we have applied for a grant to open a drop-in resource center for our homeless youth.  This center will connect youth to resources and with case management help keep them on a path to success. 

Forsyth County Community Connection's mission is to identify gaps in services for families in need through collaboration amongst community members within Forsyth County (families, public, and private human services agencies, business, faith community, schools, civic organizations, and government).  


Our partnerships with local government agencies and community groups are essential in helping us achieve the goal of filling these gaps and accomplishing our mission of having healthy, engaged and self-sufficient families.

For more information on how you or your organization can help, please email us at   Be sure to Like us on Facebook @Connectforsyth and check us out at

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